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Dear New Students...

Below are letters from students of the school to YOU! We know it's scary to star at a new school and a new career. To spread a little beauty and kindness to you, we asked our students to write you a short letter talking about their time at Avanti Beauty Academy and tips to share with you going into this new start! Please enjoy these 3 letters from Missy (Night Student), McKenzie (Full-Time), and Jaycie (Full-Time)! Each of these incredible students have great advice to share. We cannot wait for you to join our program!

— Mariona, Director/Owner

Missy's Letter

Dear New Avanti Student,

Congrats you made an amazing choice for your future. Here are 3 things you can remember to help get you through your time at school.

  1. Remember your why. Always! When it's hard, the days are long (or nights, yay nights), you are tired. Your why is going to keep you going.

  2. Love everything you learn, be excited about it. This career and learning behind it is amazing. And so fun.

  3. Your family is going to be fine. Promise they will be ok. And so will you. This time can be challenging but remember #1 and keep going!

You've got this friend!


McKenzie's Letter

Dear New Student,

You are going to love your time at Avanti. You will learn all the skills you need as a foundation for your successful career as a hairstylist. You are joining a team of girls that are kind, helpful, and creative. Remember to look for the good in every aspect, ask all the questions, work hard, and give yourself some sunshine every day. Remember that you are not alone here, and we all need each other. We are here for you.

Your peer,


Jaycie's Letter

Dear New Student!

This is such a wonderful time! The most important of an invitation I could give you would be the real definition of FUN!

FUN is the way you feel while doing an activity. It's not the activity but your mindset.

I'm not going to sugarcoat it - hair school isn't easy - time goes on and you must be a clock, you have to keep going. Take in everything, ask to be corrected (in a kind way), the more you learn from you and others will allow you to grow in ways you never expected to.

Create friendships and NEVER leave a person (main classmates) with bad feelings. I say specifically classmate because you'll see them all the time. Clients leave and go. You can't control the other person or their words or actions - but do all good for whether they accept it or not, you left with your head still high!

You have so much potential - EVERYONE is supporting you! Most important, love yourself - believe in yourself! This is your journey. You choose how it plays out through effort and optimism! You totally got this!

Best of luck and wishes



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