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Scared to start???

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

How many times have you ever said, "One day, I'm going to do _______ (you fill in the blank)." I'm certain we all have said that before in our lives. Some people call it a bucket list. But chances are, there are things that we want to achieve but yet-Don't! We've heard all the reasons why: fear of failure, lack of motivation, afraid of criticism, making changes, and waiting for the perfect time. All of these reasons make us experience deep feelings of conflict, struggle, and discomfort. Most of us resist these feelings but here's the kicker...these feelings are freaking AWESOME! Discomfort can mean you are moving forward toward a better you! I encountered all of these emotions (and still do some days) when I decided to start Avanti Beauty Academy. There were days when I considered NOT moving forward. Days that I needed to spend more time than I felt like I had, spending money that made me feel uncomfortable and talking to people I was unfamiliar with and had never met. These things were so scary, but I discovered so much about myself. I found a new sense of momentum and energy that started to push me in a way I still can't explain today. I took one small step by purchasing and putting a few chairs into a storage unit. I slowly started adding items each week that I found might be useful. Little by little these steps added up to be so much after 2 years of collecting. I started telling people about my new adventure and then more and more information and resources started to compound. It wasn't just me anymore, others jumped into my endeavor and were excited to feel a part of the plan. Of course, I faced roadblocks, but some people would be kind to me in ways that I hold sacred. These roadblocks were not as scary as taking the first step into a dark new world since I now had a sense of direction, but oh boy, that very first step, I felt like I jumped head first without looking. TERRIFYING! But, isn't anything worthwhile like that? So whatever you choose in life, just remember that there is never the perfect time, the right amount of money, or enough information, sometimes you just have to get up, look good and GO! It all works out when you keep moving forward!

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